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Know Right Now!
  • Do you know which jobs in your company don’t have a talent pool?
  • What percentage of your workforce will be retiring in the next five years?
  • Which critical employees in your organization are retention risks?
  • When executives ask what the state of talent is in the organization do you have the answers?
Knowing the answers to these questions is critical to the success of your organization. This is what Talent Blueprint talent management software does. It allows you to immediately understand the state of talent in your organization quickly and easily.

Talent Blueprint is a powerful talent management system and employee database. Some of its capabilities and functionalities include:

Capability to:
  • Search employee data on over 50 different criteria
  • Instantly answer executives' questions about the state of talent in your organization
  • Create extensive talent pools for multiple jobs
  • Identify internal candidates for critical jobs in seconds - not hours, days, or months
  • View and interact with enterprise level dashboards
  • Display employee profile reports
  • Compare talent side-by-side
  • Track retirement of critical talent
  • Instantly identify retention risks
  • Track and understand skill gap issues between employees and jobs
  • Track and understand readiness issues between employees and jobs
  • Get critical information in one click
  • View potential career recommendations based on employee readiness and career interest data
  • Create multiple reports and export reports to Excel
Data Input
  • Extensive data import capability
  • Easily collect data from managers and employees
  • Data validation to ensure integrity of data
  • Attach additional documentation to employee records (assessments, 360s, performance appraisals, drop files, etc.)
  • Customize Talent Blueprint to fit the needs of your organization
  • No annual licensing fee - once and done
  • Cost effective annual support package
  • 30 - day free trial
  • Fraction of the cost of other employee database systems
  • Ships with validated competency model and other default content from PTS
  • Developed by talent management experts
  • This talent database works on XP, Vista, Windows 7
With customized talent management software, you can access a wealth of employee information when you need it. Talent Blueprint helps your company’s Organizational Development or Leadership Development department obtain a deeper understanding of employees in terms of their skills, readiness, and experience. This allows for the identification of risks and opportunities and the information to make better decisions.

The ability to collect, store, organize and retrieve information provides enhanced speed and efficiency, which are crucial in preventing operational disruptions and making time-sensitive decisions. You can then match the best people to specific positions and projects to ensure the most favorable results. You can also make the necessary preparations for filling positions that are scheduled to become available soon. At People Talent Solutions, we continually strive to develop practical solutions for your needs. Our talent management software is a highly cost-effective solution.